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Acupuncturist and Herbalist

I respect the curative power of Western medicine and believe in the healing power of Eastern and indigenous medicine. For me, the two have intersected in a significant way, having undergone brain surgery at the age of 16 and my subsequent healing path.  I am grateful for the healing and spiritual journey this life-altering event awakened in me, one I have been on ever since.

Alternative and indigenous medicine, including acupuncture and herbal therapy, have been important features along my path. Today, these modalities contribute to my continued good health andI use them to help friends and clients overcome pain and illness and live healthier, happier lives.

One of my great fascinations is the intersection of the physical and energetic qualities of the body. In Chinese medicine we take a holistic approach.  This means we look that at the way the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual attributes influence one another.  At any time, as a result of a specific incident or years of build up or neglect, each has the capacity to shift toward a pattern of dis-ease. The beauty of the human condition, is that each is also capable of shifting toward health.  I continue to be regularly inspired by the way acupuncture and herbal therapy help this continual process of rebalancing. 

A keen interest of mine is supporting individuals who, like me,  have experienced brain surgery or trauma and are interested in a holistic approach to healing.

I welcome clients who feel a desire to fully explore and express who they are and contribute to the healing of the world from a place of strength, balance, and sufficiency. Our work together can support manifestation of life dreams, innate gifts, and talents; overcoming obstacles to chronic pain and unhealthy life patterns; or exploring full expression of one’s sexual orientation and gender identity. Don’t get me wrong: I am happy to help a client who is just looking to sleep better, reduce stress, or in need of relief from back pain. But it is the clients truly looking for transformation who are most likely to find resonance with my work.

Before embracing acupuncture and the healing arts, I spent almost a decade living abroad, engaged in humanitarian work focused on individual empowerment and community development. The work of supporting grassroots HIV/AIDS initiatives and LGBT human rights in Jamaica and multiple human rights and volunteer programs in Sri Lanka touched me deeply. I was afforded great insight into human behavior, the benefit of collaborative partnership, the power of compassion, and the wonder of the human condition. I am in awe of the incredible way the body, mind, and spirit must interrelate and find balance for optimum health.

Because Experience Matters

  • Acupuncturist, Owner, Aum Holistic Healing Arts
  • Acupuncturist, Community Acupuncture Project of Colombia City and West Seattle
  • Student Acupuncturist at the following off-site shifts: Rainier Park and West Seattle Highpoint low-income clinics; Chronic Fatigue Clinic, Madison (HIV/AIDS) Clinic, and the International Clinic at Harborview Medical Center
  • Volunteer Student Acupuncturist at the Seattle Marathon and Bastyr Herb Fair community clinics
  • Externship in China studying Chinese herbal medicine with doctors in both Chengdu and Shanghai
  • Local grassroots activist, humanitarian, and volunteer; work focused on LGBT and HIV/AIDS human rights in Jamaica (1999–2001)
  • Local grassroots activist, humanitarian, and volunteer; work focused on women’s issues, LGBT human rights, peace, and human security in Sri Lanka (2001–2007)
  • Support of reconstruction and rehabilitation after the Indian Ocean Tsunami in Sri Lanka, including serving as in-country coordinator for the American Jewish World Service Volunteer Corp in Sri Lanka

Because No One Can Be a Master of Everything

I specialize in these areas:

  • Pain Management:  A special interest in chronic pain.  Chronic pain often hinders or prevents the ability to move forward with life in a good, true, and beautiful way and stepping toward realizing your life purpose or manifesting life dreams.  I want to help lesson chronic pain patterns that feel limiting.
  • Insomnia: Sleep helps us navigate life’s journey with greater strength, clarity, agility, and sense of well-being.  Acupuncture works well to balance and resolve sleep issues.  This interests me as another avenue to support clients on their healing and life journey.
  • Depression: States of depression can emerge after trauma, significant loss, or life events that throw us off balance.  Depression can be a short term phase or may linger awhile.  Either way, it has a tendency to adversely affect physical, mental, emotional, and often spiritual well-being.  Acupuncture can serve as an antidepressant or work in conjunction with other anti-depressants to mitigate side effects or enhance overall effectiveness while supporting the body’s natural ability to heal and re-balance.  I believe that underneath depression there is a life spark that is waiting to be ignited and shine.  I want to support that inner spark to shine!
  • Anxiety: Anxiety has become one of the most predominant mental health problems of the new millennium. While the causes are not always clear, what is clear is that modalities such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, mindfulness practices and lifestyle changes have a profound positive impact without the use of pharmaceutical agents.
  • Transgender Health: There are health care needs unique to individuals with diverse gender expressions and identities and health care needs that apply regardless of gender expression and identity. Whatever your specific needs are, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine may be modalities to support your overall well-being.

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