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About Eric Martin, MS, EAMP

Eric founded GoodMedizen in 2008 with a desire to help people and two guiding principals: make every decision based on what is best for the patient, and always try to exceed expectations. From those basic guidelines, a successful practice was born. Eric's practice of acupuncture draws from several similar schools of thought and has proven to be very effective for a variety of conditions. Learn more about Eric.

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13 Natural Remedies for Insomnia

Having trouble sleeping? Although acupuncture might help, we first recommend trying one or more of these natural remedies for insomnia, from cleaning your room to updating your phone’s lighting to chucking the TV in your bedroom.

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Distal Point Acupuncture: It’s What We Do

Distal point acupuncture is the placement of acupuncture needles far away from the part of the body being treated. The treatments are quick, use a minimum number of needles, and—best of all—are often extraordinarily effective.

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Acupuncture for Migraines: The Evidence is Clear

I specialize in working with migraine headaches and see a steady stream of migraine patients each week. From my experience and that of my patients, it’s clear that acupuncture is an effective treatment. But what does the scientific literature say?

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Five Non-Pharma Things You Should Be Doing To Minimize Migraines

Migraine headaches impact a large percentage of the population, with women being impacted about twice as often as men. Although the exact cause of migraines remains elusive, we’ve compiled five non-pharmaceutical interactions that make the biggest difference for our patients.

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Your Internal Zamboni or How Acupuncture Works

Just like the Zamboni machine keeps ice rinks smooth, acupuncture helps the body heal itself. A consultation with an acupuncturist can help to determine both the health of your internal healing capacity and the likelihood of acupuncture helping you.

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GoodMedizen Review February 15, 2015

This will be the first of what I hope will be regular updates on not just what is happening here at GoodMedizen, but also on the latest news and findings affecting the work we do to keep you feeling your […]

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Loving and Loathing The Best of Western Washington

This is a Sickness
Every year, around the autumnal equinox, a particular form of insanity afflicts many Seattle area small business owners. I know, for I too have been stricken by this odd form of lunacy known as the “Best of […]

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Suddenly waking up extra early? You are not alone.

Every year around mid February, here in Seattle, I see a distinct form of insomnia developing with my patients. (Get some helpful tips—13 of them, as a matter of fact—in our “13 Natural Remedies for Insomnia” blog.) A large number of […]

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