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Anyone who has followed an acupuncturist for more than one symptom, likely already understands the value of a telehealth visit with their acupuncturist - we do much more than put needles in. Traditional Chinese Medicine is a system that has made diagnostics a true artform. Most of my patients, who continued care after their initial reason for trying acupuncture was dealt with, come to my office with a new symptom before reaching out to any other type of healthcare provider. They do this because they trust that I will look at the symptom and its relationship to the patients' whole body and health history. I will look for causes and relationships with other symptoms - present and past. I will explain to them what is going on and what their options are - whether I can help, what they can do on their own, or refer them to the right place to get the treatment they need! 

The current healthcare system makes if very difficult to get comprehensive care, our PCPs are too busy and specialists tend to be blind to contributing factors that lie outside of their specialty. Cohesiveness of care has been lost... Well trained, experienced, holistic healthcare providers fill this gap so that you and your symptoms don't fall into that gap! 

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