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What do our clients say about us? A lot of really nice things!
We’ve compiled some of the reviews below.

Nov 2020

I scheduled an acupuncture appointment for my mother here since she has been having back and neck pain along with headaches that feel connected. To start, the online booking process was pretty smooth and thorough. When my mom returned from her appointment she had nothing but wonderful things to say! Per my mother's descriptions, Courtney was very knowledgeable, kind, professional and thorough. My mom looked and felt very relaxed afterwards. She just had a great experience and scheduled another appointment right away. Would definitely recommend! —Marwa P/., 11/20/2020 (Originally published on Yelp



Aug 2020

Courtney is amazing at what she does!! So recently I was diagnosed with shingles on my face. This is shocking to believe because I am a young and healthy woman. I do have an immune compromised system so I got shingles. If you know anything about shingles it is debilitating and excruciatingly painful. The doctor recommended I try acupuncture as well as Chinese medicine in addition to the antiviral medication I was prescribed. Courtney treated me with acupuncture and gave me a special blend of Chinese herbs. The herbs taste terrible but they worked!! My doctor was even shocked by how quickly my shingles cleared up. So much emphasis is put on Western medicine But I am a firm believer in Eastern medicine.

Courtney comes highly recommended. —Jenn N./., 8/28/2020 (Originally published on 


Nov 2019

The GoodMedizen practioners are very caring and highly skilled.  I also appreciate that they will tell you if they think acupuncture won't be helpful in addressing your concern/injury.  I've been to them for help with more than one injury over the years, and in my experience, they are excellent. —Cindy H., 11/3/19 (Originally published on Yelp



June 2019

I started coming to see Courtney a year and a half ago with a terrible knot in my back. Over the past year and a half I've had more than just my back be problematic (bruised tailbone from falling down stairs and now tennis/mouse elbow). Courtney monitors how my body is reacting to certain treatments and adjusted as necessary. I started at once a week and am at once every two weeks now. I still had some back tension but after pairing a diet change with acupuncture things are significantly better than when I first came.

I had never been to acupuncture before this and was somewhat nervous, but she was very communicative about how things would feel and makes you feel very comfortable. I now look forward to my acupuncture appointments. —Courtney C., 6/18/19 (Originally published on 


Feb 2019

Jenny Di Martino was super helpful during the recovery from my car accident. She is very knowledgeable, professional and an overall kind and caring practitioner.  

As an RMT/LMT, I have every confidence in sending patients to the Goodmedizen team, as I know they will be in great hands!

If you're going to get poked with needles, it should be done by the folks at Goodmedizen. —Tera H., 2/19/19 (Originally published on Yelp)


Jan 2019

Highly recommend. I came to GoodMedizen as a last resort. My doctor was prescribing Prednisone for my allergies which was not sustainable. Years of struggle with chronic sinusitis cleared up in a few weeks thanks to Catherine. She was a Godsend. Kind, compassionate and caring. I cannot say enough good things about her. She has made a huge difference in the quality of my life. All those little nagging issues that I thought were unrelated fatigue, constant chills, hip pain-GONE!!! Saturday hours and a special tea at the end of each session. GoodMedizen will change your life!!!—Celia L., 1/13/19 (Originally published on Yelp)


Jan 2019

Jenny is the best! GoodMedizen has helped cure los if issues that chiropractic did not. This is the best part of my week too! —Madelyn M., 1/18/19 (Originally published on Yelp)


Jan 2019

With no prior experience with acupuncture, my wife suggested that I give it a try since I had been having some issues where traditional treatments were falling short.   From the moment I sat down with Maribel, it was clear I was in good hands.

She took a complete history on my first visit and the treatment was once of the most relaxing experiences.   My symptoms have improved noticeably and the added bonus is my acupuncture treatments are a consistent high point each week.

Maribel has a perfect approach.   She is thoughtful and balanced.   She asks questions, she listens and I feel fully refreshed after each treatment.

Highly recommended. —Matt M., 1/18/19 (Originally published on Yelp)

May 2018

I can not recommend this clinic enough!  I went to see Courtney Zeller after my best friend recommended this clinic because he knew I was at a low point in my health.  I was impressed with her expertise and medical competency from the very start.  She was so thorough and caring about my initial consultation and took her time to walk through all of the health issues I wanted to see addressed.  I feel that I had reached the lowest point of my ovreall health ever and I am only 33.  I had a car accident followed by and slip and fall that resulted in several herniated disks in my lower back and I have been dealing with having been diagnosed with carpal tunnel in my right wrist just a few months prior to my fall.  After spending time in the ER several times and various specialists MRI etc etc and starting physical therapy for my back I was ready to add additional angles and different methods to my medical care.  Let me tell you I have had 12 accupuncture sessions now and the pain in my right wrist has decreased dramatically.Even though I was surgery bound now after my recent visit with the specialist and doing the nerve conduction test the doctors are thinking I may not need the surgery any longer and are trying physical therapy for my wrist instead.  I was actually asked if I had tried accupuncture by the orthopedic clinic which is showing me that the general medical community is catching on to the potential health benefits of accupuncture.  On the days Courtney treats my lower back injury are the only days I will get sleep.  I am excited for accupuncture now everytime because I know those are the only nights I can actually sleep better.  Courtney is amazing at her job she has a really good perspective on medicine and the human overall health in general.  She knows so much about nutrition and diet and supplements she is a wealth of information and does not try to push things on you but will simply answer your health questions.  I you have had any trauma to your body in any way or are simply looking to sleep better and loose weight or have a successful fast etc I can not recommend enough that you make an appointment here and see Courtney. —Benjamin W., 5/19/18 (Originally published on Yelp)

Aug 2017

Courtney is amazing at what she does.  She always ensures that my session is comfortable and effective.  I've seen improvements in each area we have focused on.  I greatly appreciate her work and definitely recommend her to anyone. —Holly R., 8/31/2017 (Originally published on Yelp


May 2017

“I have been suffering with digestive issues/abdominal pain for the past 10 years of my life. I been to countless doctors and naturopaths but was never able to quite solve the persistent pain that dominated my life. I started acupuncture with Jenny D just recently and this has the best I’ve felt since my issues started. Only regret is that I didn’t try it sooner!

Thanks Jenny D and GoodMedizen!” —Jasom L., 5/24/17 (Originally published on Yelp)


May 2017

“I’ve been working with Penny for about 3 months now and I wish I had gone to see her sooner! I have a herniated disk and sciatica pain. The pain got so bad in Feb that I reached out to Good Medizen to find some relief. She treated the immediate pain and gave me a plan for manage outside of acupuncture. I felt much better after a few sessions and now I’m back to 85% normal use. I will continue to see Penny regularly for my back pain but also for stress and general health as I always felt fantastic after sessions with her. Penny is great and extremely knowledgeable. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!” —Meg R., 5/15/17 (Originally published on Yelp)


Mar 2017

“I threw out my back 3 days ago trying to lift a heavy crate improperly, and the pain was excruciating. Not know what else to do, I figured I’d give acupuncture a try but wasn’t sure how much it would really help. To my amazement, after my second session I was 80% back and after my 3rd session today I feel good as new. PENNY is a wonderful healer with a gentle and intuitive approach to finding where chi is stuck and how to get it flowing again. I would highly recommend her and this clinic.” —Hernan S., 3/22/17 (Originally published on Yelp)


Ju 2016

“With extraordinary care and exceptional results, Eric and his team are simply wonderful. Highly recommend.” —Kristen H., 6/14/16 (Originally published on Yelp)


May 2016

“I’ve been seeing Eric for 6 months and couldn’t be more thrilled with the service I have received. Such a calm and relaxing environment and really love it! Will definitely be a regular.” —Maria L., 5/11/16 (Originally published on Yelp)

“I had my first acupuncture with Eric about 2 years ago with pain in my knee due to arthritis. Incorporating acupuncture with physical therapy made all the difference. When my recent neck pain was not being relieved with chiropractic, massage, & PT, I decided it’s time to make a visit to GoodMedizen. The pain subsided soon after, about 2-3 treatments and my chiropractor even noticed the difference. Eric has been helpful explaining treatment plan and what to expect with treatment.” —Irene S., 5/4/16


Dec 2015

“I came to GoodMedizen in my continuous search for relief from my chronic sports injuries. Having had a traumatic and complicated hip injury, I have explored many different options to find some of kind of relief from my pain, immobility, and imbalance. From the moment I walked in the door they have been nothing but amazing to me. I came to see Penny who attentively listened to my lengthy, complicated story and formulated a game-plan. Since seeing her I have seen improvements in my mobility, range of motion, and overall sense of balance that honestly I didn’t know was even possible after all these years. My pain has gone down and my overall outlook on life has improved. Penny is knowledgeable and well versed in different techniques and has also helped me make positive changes in my diet and nutrition. She is always so carrying and the comfort I have received from her and this office has been incredible. I plan on seeing Penny on a regular basis for as long as I live in Seattle and I can’t recommend her enough. I am so grateful and thankful to have found GoodMedizen!” —D. Kaufman, 12/13/15


Oct 2015

“I’ve suffered from chronic migraines for more than 10 years. I’ve tried all sorts of OTC/prescription medicines and supplements. After a particularly bad month where I had about 12 migraines, I decided to give acupuncture treatment a shot. I found Eric/Goodmedizen online and booked an appointment and just after 3-4 sessions, it worked wonders! My migraines have significantly reduced in frequency, intensity and duration in the last 2 months. Eric has a very calm and professional demeanor during the sessions. He starts each session by asking how I’ve been doing lately and gives advice on other lifestyle changes I can make to prevent migraines. He checks in regularly during the treatment to see if anything needs to be adjusted and is very considerate of making sure I receive a good experience. I’ve had nothing a very positive experience with Eric and I highly recommend him/Goodmedizen to everyone!” —Aditi A., 10/19/15 (Originally published on Yelp)


Sep 2015

“I started having hot flashes about a month ago, about one per hour. Not wanting to go the hormone route, I decided to see Maribel at Good Medizen. She is FANTASTIC! She really took the time to understand all my issues and developed a comprehensive acupuncture and Chinese herb plan. After one week, I was down to a few flashes a day. After two weeks, I was down to several flashes for the entire week. Now, a month later, I had a flash-free week. I cannot recommend her highly enough, she is amazing.” —Jill M., 9/24/15 (Originally published on Yelp)


Jun 2015

“I found my experience at GoodMedizen very healing on all fronts… starting with the welcoming atmosphere and pleasant people, including Eric and Emily. The energy of the space is also very well managed and cozy… Emily Paul worked with me following a motor vehicle accident. I got immediate benefits for my physical pains and discomfort… Emily also used the tuning fork treatment very effectively to help me mentally and emotionally relax from the trauma, so I could receive the acupuncture treatment. All my pains resolved within weeks… and I felt very well supported on mental and spiritual level. I am very grateful that I have found this wonderful place and a wonderful healer like Emily Paul.” —Anup M., 6/9/15


May 2015

“In all of the doctors I’ve visited over the last eight months, Eric Martin is the only one who has truly listened to me in order to understand and treat me. From day one, I’ve been impressed with how knowledgeable, sincere, non-judgmental, and grounded Eric is. His treatments have proven to be effective and have helped relieve my pain, regulate my hormones, decrease my stress, and put me on a path to better health. I am so grateful to have found him and highly recommend GoodMedizen Acupuncture and Herbs.” —S. N., 5/21/15


Apr 2015

“All of the practitioners at GoodMedizen are wonderful, skilled, and caring individuals. Due to my own limited schedule, I have had the chance to meet and be treated by Emily, Maribel, and Eric. They have appointments at all times of day and have always been able to accommodate me. I just love that the office has that flexibility, and all the practitioners have truly been wonderful.” —Cheryl J., 4/23/15


Mar 2015

“I love this place. Eric is the BEST! A little back story: April 2014 woke up with back pain, most likely a pinched nerve, so I thought. Was into Hot Yoga and Cardio Kickboxing at the time and just pushed through the pain. After getting warmed up, pain would subside until next day. After months of Chiropractic and Massage, I would have good and bad days, then around August had a turn for the worse. I was having issues staying asleep for more than 45 mins at a time due to pain. Was almost in tears it was so bad. If I bumped into a table walking, I would almost just fall down due to the pain. I had x-rays done, which showed 2 protruding discs (L4,L5) and a slight tear in my left hip flexor. I started going to PT in October to see if it would help for about 2 months, but no real gains. I saw 2 Surgeons for advice, both said surgery is a must and it will never get better with out it and recovery would be 3-6 months with no guarantee it wouldn’t go out again. I scheduled the surgery in December 2014 for February 2015. I decided to try acupuncture since i had tried everything else. I started being treated by Eric M in October. The only days I felt relief were the day of and after Acupuncture but the real gains was when Eric decided to start attaching the electrodes. I would get 1-2 hour blocks of sleep during the night, 2x more than i was getting. He also referred me to a massage therapist he felt would be great compliment to his treatments. After a month or so of weekly treatments of the combined massage and acupuncture, I was sleeping through the night and still am. I am back to kickboxing, have started lifting again lightly and can do everyday activities.I went from superior pain almost in tears and no sleep to sleeping through the night and living life again. I still see Eric 2x a month, but can stretch out the next appt a little more evey time. No Surgery Needed!! Big Thank You to Eric Martin and the team at GoodMedizen!” —Jeff S., 3/17/15


Aug 2014

“After several months of severe degenerative disc pain in my neck, back and arms, I made an appointment with Eric on the recommendation of a co-worker. At 50 something back/neck pain wasn’t new and I could usually get it under control with chiropractic/massage and PT. This time I was looking seriously at surgery. I’ve never tried acupuncture before and didn’t have an opinion on it one way or the other, but my co-worker was very convincing. I work in downtown Seattle and the GoodMedizen office location is very convenient. Easy walking distance or a short bus ride from anywhere downtown. First impressions; the office is a nice relaxing environment, the waiting room is comfortable with water and a nice jar of ginseng candies, all very welcoming. Eric spent time talking to me and developed a good picture of my overall health as well as the current issue that brought me into the office. Eric is an intuitive listener who asks the right questions and really put me at ease. He explained acupuncture treatment at a level that made sense to me and right from the start I had confidence that Eric knew his profession very well. As I proceeded with my treatments I continued with other therapies and Eric was well versed in the other disciplines of health care. More than anyone in my healthcare team, Eric helped me come up with a plan and attainable benchmarks. This impressed me a great deal. Eric looked at the whole picture and the goal I was trying to achieve. I received professional guidance and assistance as well as acupuncture treatment. Eric designed my treatments to address my symptoms and address my overall health. Always assessing what was working best for me. Eric was always concerned with my comfort level and checked to make sure I was in doing alright during the treatment. The acupuncture treatment itself is pretty amazing. When I first started seeing Eric my pain level was at a constant 7, with narcotic pain killers. I couldn’t sleep through the night and I was missing work. I’d see Eric once a week, and after each treatment I would feel just a little better. It was slow going for me, but I was working hard to avoid surgery. After a couple weeks, I could notice that I would start my treatment at a 7 and leave at a 4. Each week I’d feel a little better and it would last a little longer. Finally I got to the point where my pain level was completely manageable and I could get off the narcotics and sleep through the night. I am amazed at how relaxing acupuncture is. I spent a lot of time in doctor’s offices because of this latest illness and I usually ended up with “white coat” high blood pressure. I thought I’d try something, so when the cuff went on, I started thinking about how relaxed I was during acupuncture and amazingly enough my blood pressure would be much lower! The best way to describe how I felt after acupuncture treatment is a very strong sense of well being. The pain is under control and I’m getting my life back to normal, I give a great deal of the credit to Eric. I will continue to seek treatment and consul from Eric at GoodMedizen. Highly recommended!” —Dean C., 8/2/14


May 2014

“I came to see Dr. Martin at GoodMedizen because I was having back pain from sports related activities. He helped to first identify the areas that would provide immediate relief from my discomfort. After the first session my back felt much better and now we are focused on a long term approach to clearing up my back discomfort. I would recommend Dr. Martin for anyone seeking immediate relief or with a desire to address acute long-term symptoms.” —Ben K., 5/6/14


Mar 2014

“Eric Martin helped me with a vey sore neck issue. I had relief after the first visit. I am so glad I came to GoodMedizen!” —Jay W., 3/14/14


Jan 2014

“I was referred to Dr. Martin by a friend who told me he was the best of the best and she was right. He is a very personable and professional practitioner. He has a great way of putting you at ease and letting you steer the direction of the treatment. He is open, honest and very straight forward about expectations. My foot doctor could not help me with pain relief, caused by degenerative arthritis in my feet. After about seven treatments with Dr. Martin, the pain is much decreased. I was also having severe sleep issues, which were easily remedied with a combination of different chinese herbs. The herbs are extremely reasonable in price and well worth a good nights sleep. Having a very connected and likable practitioner and a successful treatment plan would be enough to describe a great experience, but an added bonus is that he offers free downtown parking. Now that’s the gold standard!” —Rhonda S., 1/15/14


Dec 2013

“Eric is amazing… He has helped me with hand pain, neck pain and achieving overall wellness. His ability to sense exactly what is going on, and treating the root cause of my pain and imflamation borders on magic. The best thing – he meets you where you are at that moment. He doesn’t push an agenda. I have recommended Eric to many of my friends and colleagues and we’ve all been impressed.” —Shira Z., 12/19/13


Nov 2013

“Great professional staff Eric Martin can pinpoint (literally) haha any potential aliment and solve it. All around great health advice. Having accupuncture was the scary for me as I can’t stand needles. But the practically painless. Overall great experience. Love my Accupuncture days.” —Rudy F., 11/15/13

“I originally came to Dr. Martin for relief from back, neck and knee pain. He is amazingly good at identifying the tender spots and treating them completely! I’ve also had great success in reducing and almost eliminating hot flashes with acupuncture and herbs. I gladly refer Dr. Martin as often as I can!” —Betty W., 11/8/13

“Very good experience with Dr. Martin. Whenever something new and different is going on with me, he has a different view towards treating it positively. Recently, found out I have plantar fascitis and Dr. Martin told me how to try to keep my heel flexed while sleeping helps it to be less painful. First night after his advise and my heel did not hurt when I awoke. Plus, I was told different exercises to do before I got out of bed which I believe helped also.” —Dolores R., 11/7/13


Jan 2013

“Very effective, professional, and friendly. Also a down to earth environment & comfortable. In addition, GoodMedizen educates for a better way of life.” —Klaudia O., 1/7/13


Disclaimer: These are actual comments from actual patients. As with any form of medicine, your results, of course, could and likely will vary.

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