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On a Mission to Thrive!


Helping Patients Thrive: We are guided by the simple principals of placing our patient’s needs first and always striving to deliver the best possible results. We invest careful attention to every detail, at each step of the process to provide our patients with a zen inspired oasis of calm and healing.  Using the most effective acupuncture techniques, herbal medicine and related modalities, we create a premier healing experience, helping each of our patients to thrive.

Helping Employees Thrive: GoodMedizen is a community of unique individuals, each bringing strengths and contributions to the whole. We recognize that our personal inputs combine to create a vibrant, rewarding workspace for all. We want to be the very best versions of ourselves and embrace our roles as lifelong students; deepening our knowledge, learning new techniques, and adding precision to already well-honed skills. GoodMedizen supports this process of continual improvement by providing a safe space, the systems, resources, direction, vision and honest feedback needed to be increasingly successful in all aspects of our respective roles.

Helping the Practice to Thrive: At GoodMedizen we recognize that our ability to do the work we love tomorrow, is dependent on being profitable today. We strive to balance this reality with our patient and workplace missions. Our rates and billing policies are fair and equitable, taking into account the needs of all parties involved. Consistent and predictable economic growth allow each of us to do more of what we love, to prosper personally and professionally, and to help more people receive the profound benefits of acupuncture and natural medicine.

Our Vision and Approach


GoodMedizen is an attempt to shake up and change the current health system – we are creating a system of more personal medicine  - medicine where we take into consideration ALL of the patient – their history, their environment, their lifestyle, and their genetics.

We are working on changing the field of Healthcare to be “individualized holistic wellness care” with focus on maintenance and prevention as opposed to crisis intervention (though of course, we’re good at that too!).

We are focused on functional changes with our patients. Most natural practitioners and modalities are able to reduce inflammation, and thus give their patients relief, but often that’s where it ends – thus patients become dependent on these habitual pitstops to keep their symptoms at bay. While we understand that with some chronic conditions, this might be all that we are able to do, it should never be the goal.

We want to make functional changes in our patients’ bodies so that they are able to true healing that is sustainable without frequent treatments.

We want to establish trust and rapport so that our patients feel comfortable coming to us first for assessments of new symptoms – with our knowledge and skills, we can effectively treat conditions yet also know when to refer out and who to refer to.

We are also dedicated to patient education to help empower them to better understand their bodies and their health. Help teach them tools to use for their own health and wellness so that they can be an active roll in their healthcare and feel more confident in their decisions. Through their work with GoodMedizen, they will have the ability to know when they can use their own tools at home (such as rehab exercises, heat, liniments, etc.) or when they need to come in for evaluation.


We are continually re-evaluating patient progress and adjusting for progress and/or shifts in patient goals. We want the least amount of intervention with the highest level of progress and are readily equipped to further assess the patients’ symptoms and apply the correct modality and/or to refer out for tests and/or other modalities. “If we can’t do it, we will refer you to someone who can.” Our referral network of trusted practitioners is to be considered one of our tools which helps further build patient rapport and positive outcomes.

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