On a Mission to Thrive!


Helping Patients Thrive: We are guided by the simple principals of placing our patient’s needs first and always striving to deliver the best possible results. We invest careful attention to every detail, at each step of the process to provide our patients with a zen inspired oasis of calm and healing.  Using the most effective acupuncture techniques, herbal medicine and related modalities, we create a premier healing experience, helping each of our patients to thrive.

Helping Employees Thrive: GoodMedizen is a community of unique individuals, each bringing strengths and contributions to the whole. We recognize that our personal inputs combine to create a vibrant, rewarding workspace for all. We want to be the very best versions of ourselves and embrace our roles as lifelong students; deepening our knowledge, learning new techniques, and adding precision to already well-honed skills. GoodMedizen supports this process of continual improvement by providing a safe space, the systems, resources, direction, vision and honest feedback needed to be increasingly successful in all aspects of our respective roles.

Helping the Practice to Thrive: At GoodMedizen we recognize that our ability to do the work we love tomorrow, is dependent on being profitable today. We strive to balance this reality with our patient and workplace missions. Our rates and billing policies are fair and equitable, taking into account the needs of all parties involved. Consistent and predictable economic growth allow each of us to do more of what we love, to prosper personally and professionally, and to help more people receive the profound benefits of acupuncture and natural medicine.