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Rates and Insurance

We Promise Not to Be Part of the Problem

The healthcare system in this country has some real problems right now. A lot of those problems have been created by a system of private insurance plans that complicate the lives of medical practitioners and patients alike. In response many practitioners have resorted to charging insurers as much as they possibly can and for every thing they possibly can. If you have ever received an explanation of benefits from your insurance company that shows a whole host of charges totaling several hundred dollars for a service that should have cost between $50 and $100 you know what we are talking about. Many health care practitioners refer to this as “playing the game”.


This is your healthcare. This is our business and livelihood. This is NOT a game.  The philosophy at GoodMedizen is to charge fair, responsible and reasonable rates every time. We do not gouge insurance companies. We do not play the game. We promise not to be part of the problem.

Most insurance plans cover at least some acupuncture - we'll do our best to determine your acupuncture coverage so you can use your insurance for your natural pain relief and other treatments. 

We are in-network with many insurance companies!


And More!


Not covered by any of these plans? We may still be an in-network provider for you as there are hundreds of plans that use local networks that we are affiliated with, or we may be able to bill as out of network.

Contact us and we will find the best solution to suit you!  

Our Rates

Our rates vary depending on the type of service, number of treatments, and the complexity of the problem. We offer a generous time of service discount, package options, and a 10% discount for Legends age 65 and over. We are always happy to discuss our rates prior to your appointment and work hard to make sure there you are never surprised.

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