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Downtown Seattle Acupuncture & Other Services

GoodMedizen’s Areas of Expertise

Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine. The practitioners at GoodMedizen are all licensed acupuncturists. We firmly believe that acupuncture is the single best tool for helping your body to restore and maintain optimum health. We also recognize that other modalities may be helpful, or in some cases, more appropriate than acupuncture. For this reason we also offer Chinese Herbal Medicine and Clinical Nutrition.


Acupuncture is heart of what we do at GoodMedizen. Acupuncture is both medical art and science. Finding an acupuncturist who’s “art” works for you is often half the battle in getting the desired results. For this reason we have a number of different acupuncturists on site for you to work with. We encourage you spend some time getting to know us, both here at the site and in person.


GoodMedizen has taken great measures to make sure our practitioners are offering only the highest quality, safest and most effective herbal remedies. Each practitioner has a minimum of two years of formal Chinese Herbal Medicine education and is thoroughly trained to help you determine if herbal medicine might be right for you and to make recommendations for the best herbal products for your needs.

Clinical Nutrition

Clinical Nutrition is more than just vitamin deficiencies - clinical nutrition utilizes the power of nutrients to help the body to heal in many ways. Targeted nutrient supplementation can assist the body to make functional changes and have therapeutic effects. We offer the highest quality professional lines of supplements and use the latest research to help your body to heal itself. We utilize functional nutrition for a wide variety of uses, from Vitamin D deficiency, to gut flora, to single-nucleotide polymorphisms, and more. Functional Nutrition can be a stand alone therapy, or a part of your comprehensive care plan.


Microneedling at GoodMedizen is done with a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) approach. The benefits that each patient has seen from it is continually impressive. After only 4 treatments, once per month, patients notice improvements that last for years. 

Drug and Syringe

Highly skilled injection of nutrients, homeopathics, and functional compounds - PIT is clinically shown to be more effective than injection into a "random" location. Acupuncture points have greater attenuation, higher vascularity, and higher profusion rate. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine
And More...

Bio Light Therapy


Facial Cupping

Gua Sha


Tuina Therapeutic Massage
Low Level Laser Therapy

Percussion Therapy

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