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Voted Best Acupuncture 2014 King-5 Best of Western Washington
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Importance of Health

Your health is your most valuable possession. It is this simple belief that motivates everything we do at GoodMedizen. Health is what enables you to fully enjoy everything else in life, and enables others to fully enjoy you. Simply put; without health, nothing else matters.

We’re Here to Help

Every practitioner at GoodMedizen believes we, as human beings, have an obligation to help one another. It is why we are here, it is what compels us to get out of bed each morning, We are here to help you restore, maintain and celebrate your most important asset, your health

Because it Works

Our bodies are designed to be healthy and to return to health following an injury or illness. Of all the health modalities available, acupuncture is perhaps the best at enhancing, encouraging and directing our bodies innate ability to return to optimum health. A better way to feel your best.
2014 Best Seattle Acupuncture

Our Specialties

  • Pain Management and Migraines:  The GoodMedizen team has a special interest in chronic intractable pain, post operative pain and migraines. Even if you have pain or headaches that have been resistant to other treatments there is a good chance we can bring you relief, help you recover and minimize the needs for potentially addictive medications.
  • Anxiety: Anxiety can prevent you from doing so many things. We have helped many patients to recover their balance and take control of anxiety, instead of letting anxiety control them.
  • Fertility: Fertility isn’t just for becoming pregnant, but is the balancing of hormones, regulation of the menstrual cycle to ease cramping, and help free you from monthly bloating, fatigue, irritability.  Our treatments help to bring your body back into balance and have gentle, regular cycles.
  • Insomnia: The simple fact is your body needs enough sleep to heal itself. The best way to help your body’s innate healing ability is to give it a sufficient quantity of deep, high quality sleep.


Eric is amazing… He has helped me with hand pain, neck pain and achieving overall wellness. His ability to sense exactly what is going on, and treating the root cause of my pain and inflammation borders on magic. The best thing – he meets you where you are at that moment. He doesn’t push an agenda. I have recommended Eric to many of my friends and colleagues and we’ve all been impressed.
Shira Z, Dec 19, 2013
I came to see Dr. Martin at GoodMedizen because I was having back pain from sports related activities. He helped to first identify the areas that would provide immediate relief from my discomfort. After the first session my back felt much better and now we are focused on a long term approach to clearing up my back discomfort. I would recommend Dr. Martin for anyone seeking immediate relief or with a desire to address acute long-term symptoms.
Ben K, May 6, 2014
I was referred to Dr. Martin by a friend who told me he was the best of the best and she was right. He is a very personable and professional practitioner. He has a great way of putting you at ease and letting you steer the direction of the treatment. He is open, honest and very straight forward about expectations. My foot doctor could not help me with pain relief, caused by degenerative arthritis in my feet. After about seven treatments with Dr. Martin, the pain is much decreased. I was also having severe sleep issues, which were easily remedied with a combination of different chinese herbs. The herbs are extremely reasonable in price and well worth a good nights sleep. Having a very connected and likable practitioner and a successful treatment plan would be enough to describe a great experience, but an added bonus is that he offers free downtown parking. Now that’s the gold standard!
Rhonda S, Jan 15, 2014
Very good experience with Dr. Martin. Whenever something new and different is going on with me, he has a different view towards treating it positively. Recently, found out I have plantar fascitis and Dr. Martin told me how to try to keep my heel flexed while sleeping helps it to be less painful. First night after his advise and my heel did not hurt when I awoke. Plus, I was told different exercises to do before I got out of bed which I believe helped also.
Dolores R, Nov 7, 2013
I originally came to Dr. Martin for relief from back, neck and knee pain. He is amazingly good at identifying the tender spots and treating them completely! I’ve also had great success in reducing and almost eliminating hot flashes with acupuncture and herbs. I gladly refer Dr. Martin as often as I can!
Betty W, Nov 8, 2013
Eric has helped me so much with various ailments. He is professional, knowledgeable, and really takes the time to listen to me and my needs. He explains what he is doing and how it will help. He is great for first time users of acupuncture as well as those who have used it for years.
T. J., First Published on April 10 2011
When I went to see Eric, I had moderate sleep and anxiety troubles. I can’t say enough about how much my sleep and and anxiety improved after just my first visit. A lifelong addiction to Prozac would never have been a satisfactory solution for me. Since going to Eric for acupuncture and herbs, my life has returned to a state of calmness and reasonable sleep patterns. Highly recommended.
C. C., First Published on December 1 2011
Acupuncture works! Eric is an excellent provider, knowledgable, and a great listener. And, my insurance covers the treatment
T. B., First Published on LinkedIn September 17th 2011
Eric was recommended to me by a friend and there are not enough words to say how much Eric has helped me. I was very nervous when I had my first session and quite skeptical (especially with me working in the medical field). Now, I try to have a weekly appointment. Eric is not only an acupuncturist, but a very patient teacher. I did not realize how much Eastern and Western medicine can work together and how each affects me wholistically.
E. C., First Published on April 14th 2011
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Voted Best Acupuncture 2014 King-5 Best of Western Washington
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