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Courtney Zeller featured on Medium

Courtney was just featured on Medium! Check it out:

In societies dominated by Western biomedicine, it can seem that pharmaceutical therapies are the only remedy for the maladies we face. It is estimated that 50 million Americans alone deal with some form of chronic pain, another 50 million Americans suffer from metabolic syndromes, and millions more struggle with persistent health conditions that hinder daily life. Living with illness and navigating a pharmaceutically-driven healthcare industry is an isolating, frustrating, and, at times, dehumanizing experience, leaving many patients grappling with dissatisfying outcomes and difficult patient-physicians encounters. Recognizing this deficit of care in the biomedical system, many healthcare professionals in Western biomedical societies have realized the value of traditional medicines, such as traditional Chinese medicine, which have been practiced globally for thousands of years, as repositories of human knowledge for natural, holistic healing and wellness.

Courtney Zeller is among this new generation of traditional practitioners that have emerged in American healthcare, offering a unique perspective of patient autonomy and psychological-physiological integration in the maintenance of health. Courtney is a licensed practitioner of Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine and the owner of GoodMedizen Inc., a holistic health clinic in Seattle, Washington. By integrating effective modalities of acupuncture and herbal medicine, GoodMedizen has become a premier provider of personalized pain management and whole body wellness for those seeking traditional medicine in the region.

Courtney’s passion for Traditional Chinese Medicine springs from her lifelong interest in biological sciences, as well as her personal experience with chronic pain. Pursuing a life of practicing medicine from a young age, she was unsettled by modern healthcare’s dependence on pharmaceuticals for the treatment of psychological conditions, cultivating her early interest in psychiatry through a holistic lens. This excitement for the interplay between psychological and physiological pain, and lessening both to help people to heal, would be deeply intertwined with the course of her career. As Courtney continued on the path towards allopathic medical practice, chronic migraines plagued her studies, eventually becoming debilitating. Just as she had noticed early in life, physician after physician immediately attempted to prescribe opioids to reduce the pain, despite her history of adverse reactions to opioids, and her self-advocacy in each doctor’s office was met with contempt. Facing immense pain and with nowhere else to turn, Courtney began acupuncture therapy after confiding in a trusted friend, and within months of holistic, traditionally derived therapy, she was migraine-free. This newfound freedom in natural healing propelled her towards a clinical practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine in order to guide patients towards holistic health.

Courtney decided to leave her allopathic studies at the University of Washington, and instead, continued her path to clinical medicine at Bastyr University, where she received a Masters of Science in Acupuncture. After a decade of practicing traditional medicine, becoming highly skilled in acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, functional nutrition, point injection therapy, neural therapy, dry needling, and microneedling, she is a leader in her field with a unique wealth of knowledge in the maintenance of health. Her practice, GoodMedizen, offers a patient-driven approach to managing a broad array of conditions, not limited to acute and chronic pain, menopausal symptoms, neuropathy, and digestive and endocrine disorders. Since its founding in 2008, GoodMedizen has been a trusted healthcare provider in the Seattle area, renowned for its effective techniques, down-to-earth environment, and knowledgeable, attentive staff. The practice consistently receives high praise from clients, many of whom have incorporated GoodMedizen’s care into the maintenance of their health year after year.

Courtney’s passion for the power of traditional medicine rings clear in her words: ​”On a daily basis I get to help ease suffering and empower people to take control of their health. I get to utilize science, while also performing art. I get to help people get freedom from pain, and to get more enjoyment from life.” Combined with her passion for interpersonal connection in healthcare, Courtney Zeller’s extensive experience in traditional medicine sets her apart as a revolutionary in whole body medicine, offering hope of natural healing for patients throughout Western society.

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