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"Courtney Zeller is among this new generation of traditional practitioners that have emerged in American healthcare, offering a unique perspective of patient autonomy and psychological-physiological integration in the maintenance of health."

Chinese Medicine is a whole system of healthcare - we can effectively treat more than just pain! Your symptoms are your body's way of communicating to you that something is not functioning properly, and the art of our training is to identify what it's trying to tell you.

At GoodMedizen, we utilize several different treatment methods to customize your treatment plan - our philosophy is to use the appropriate treatment method, tools, and strength to create functional changes in your body, while being gentle enough to reduce or eliminate side effects. 

Aches, pains, acute injuries, chronic conditions, reoccurring injuries, neuropathic pain,  and more - we've got you covered! Our practitioners are trained to properly evaluate your pain and identify root causes so that you can feel better and heal more quickly, and more completely.

Your health is your most valuable possession. It is this simple belief that motivates everything we do at GoodMedizen. Health is what enables you to fully enjoy everything else in life, and enables others to fully enjoy you. Simply put; without health, nothing else matters.

Every practitioner at GoodMedizen believes we, as human beings, have an obligation to help one another. It is why we are here, it is what compels us to get out of bed each morning, We are here to help you restore, maintain and celebrate your most important asset, your health

Our bodies are designed to be healthy and to return to health following an injury or illness. Of all the health modalities available, acupuncture is perhaps the best at enhancing, encouraging and directing our bodies innate ability to return to optimum health. A better way to feel your best.

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