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$199 New Patient MicroNeedling Special

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Our practitioners will put together a treatment plan that uses one, or more, different treatment options to help you achieve the best results!

The First Dual FDA-Cleared Microneedling Device

The Candela Exceed™ medical microneedling device is the first dual-indicated, FDA-cleared medical microneedling system for the treatment of both facial wrinkles and facial acne scar reduction.

Exceed is the latest technology that’s quickly replacing dermal rollers and other anti-aging methods on the market, including other microneedling pens. Powered by ultrasonic technology, this is a whole new dimension in skin rejuvenation

What is Exceed Microneedling?

Our goal is to MINIMIZE EPIDERMAL TRAUMA. By using 6 of the sharpest medical grade surgical stainless needles we reduce surface tension.


Other devices use more needles which actually push the skin down before they penetrate through. This means that you are creating micro-tears through the stratum corneum (upper layer of the epidermis) causing unnecessary trauma and leading to increased post-treatment downtime.


Exceed is the only company in microneedling that creates a “medical-grade wound” based on materials used, production methods and quality control standards.

Exceed is a state of the art treatment with the following benefits:

  • The ONLY FDA cleared device for facial wrinkles. Exceed is the only MEDICAL GRADE device manufactured by a global leader of microneedling in Berlin, Germany, guaranteeing the highest quality engineering for professional use.

  • Flexible Needle Plate: This feature allows the needles to release easier from the skin following penetration. As the handpiece moves laterally during treatment, the needles need to adjust in order to minimize epidermal trauma. All other devices have a FIXED up and down motion that inherently causes scratching(tracking) and more drag felt during treatment by the provider. 

  • Micro-Depth Adjustments: The EXCEED provides the most flexibility in settings and ensures overtreatment doesn’t occur. You can adjust the depth of penetration by 0.1mm intervals making sure you only go as deep as you need to. Most other pens have at most 8 depth settings while the EXCEED offers 19 options for depth. 

  • Ultra-Low Vibration: The smooth drive in the EXCEED allows for very quiet operation so you can rest easier throughout your treatment.

  • Eleven Speed Settings: This allows for adjustments to be made based on your choice of depth. Most competition has up to 3 speeds. 

  • Method of Production: Exceed's company has two ISO certifications for quality manufacturing of the device, and their needle cartridges are assembled in a sterile, clean room. (Show manufacturing video) 


Am I a Candidate?

You may be a candidate for Exceed Microneedling if you struggle with wrinkles or acne scarring. Your providers will work with you to determine if Exceed is the best treatment for you.

What is a Typical Treatment Like?

Exceed microneedling has eleven different speed settings (100 – 150Hz). We administer scar revision and skin rejuvenation treatments differently.


These speeds allow us to customize the treatment as much as possible for different types of tissues (scar, burn, sun damage etc).

EXCEED is the only device to utilize a dual-layer membrane in the cartridge to make sure no substances are drawn back into the handpiece. EXCEED's membrane is the ONLY one proven to guarantee a 0% chance of cross-contamination.

During treatment, we will use a custom serum for your skin. The serum is a customized combination of Chinese Herbs and nutraceuticals in a hyaluronic base.  We use specially crafted TCM serums to achieve faster, deeper results. 

The deepest we will ever go into the skin is 2mm, and even 2mm is typically too deep. You’ll rarely go over 1.5mm as EXCEED’s needles penetrate to a more accurate depth than the “pens” on the market.


Most common pens, due to their lack of quality manufacturing, are grossly inaccurate. We can achieve the same wound at a 1mm setting as the “pens” can achieve at a 2mm setting and with less irritation.


What Results Will I See?

Patients can expect to see a notable improvement in their wrinkles or acne.



Is There Any Downtime?*

You may experience minimal downtime after your procedure. The average is 24-48 hours of a "pink look."


If you get more aggressive treatment, then downtime can be longer.


Immediately following your treatment, your skin will be bright red like a sunburn, and the people will feel a little warmth and tightness.


Over the next couple of days, the skin can feel itchy, of which your practitioner will make recommendations.


We recommend an aftercare moisturizer designed for calming redness and soothing the skin.


No Sun Exposure

STOP Use Of Vitamin C&E Serums, acids, and Retinols (5 Days Before Treatment)

Arrive Make-Up Free

No Spray Tans

No Botox for at least 6 weeks

If you experience cold sores and/or herpes outbreaks, please call us ahead of time to make a plan. You may elect to get prophylactic anti-viral medication from your primary care physician. 

Surgical scar treatment can only be performed on scars that are at least 6 months old. 


No Direct Sun Exposure For 5 Days

No Exercise for 24-48 Hrs

No Make-Up Or Products For 24/48 Hrs

Can Use Our Hyaluronic Acid That We Send You Home With

Sunblock MUST Be Applied Daily And Repeated Every TWO Hours

Do Not Rub Sunscreen Into Skin. Must Be Applied On A Patting Motion

If Skin Becomes Dry, Apply Moisturizer

Your Skin's Ability To Absorb Nutrients Will Be Increased Upwards Of 3000% So When You're Ready To Add Acids & Retinols Back Into Your Routine, Please Do Patch Tests For Sensitivity


What About NanoNeedling?


NanoNeedling uses the same type of oscillating motion as MicroNeedling to treat the skin but the cartridge encompasses 81 silicone tips.


These microscopic, hair-like cones separate the skin cells within the epidermis to allow active products to be pushed into the skin.


NanoNeedling only affects the epidermis, treating within the upper .15mm of the skin.


The benefits of this serum infusion treatment include:

pigmentation reduction

increased cell turnover

skin rejuvenation

an immediate glow

no downtime


This treatment can be done weekly to exfoliate the skin and increase serum absorption. It is a great complement to Microneedling!

$199 New Patient Special!

(206) 402 - 3813

For more information on microneedling, check out our FAQ


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Your practitioner will work with you to develop the right treatment plan and combination to achieve your goals!

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