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Telemedicine Visits

The world is rapidly changing and we are trying to just go with the flow. Telemedicine sessions allow us to keep doing our job in helping you stay healthy, fight illness, and work on pesky symptoms. Now, more then ever, we need to find ways to stay connected! (...and keep your wellness goals front and center - when we are healthy, we can over come any obstacles) Our Virtual Wellness Sessions make getting access to healthcare easy. The Virtual Wellness Sessions connect holistic practitioners to you in the convenience of our your home, office, car, or where ever you need it to be (locked in your bathroom, we get it!), all online.

The Virtual Wellness Sessions offer the support you NEED.

Virtual Acupuncture? Huh? 

Anyone who has followed an acupuncturist for more than one symptom, likely already understands the value of a telehealth visit with their acupuncturist - we do much more than put needles in.


Traditional Chinese Medicine is a system that has made diagnostics a true artform.


Most of my patients, who continued care after their initial reason for trying acupuncture was dealt with, come to my office with a new symptom before reaching out to any other type of healthcare provider.


They do this because they trust that I will look at the symptom and its relationship with the patients' whole body and, their health history. I will look for causes and relationships with other symptoms - present and past. I will explain to them what is going on and what their options are - whether I can help, what they can do on their own, or, refer them to the right place to get the treatment they need! 

The current healthcare system makes if very difficult to get comprehensive care, our PCPs are too busy and specialists tend to be blind to contributing factors that lie outside of their specialty.


Cohesiveness of care has been lost...


Well trained, experienced, holistic healthcare providers fill this gap so that you and your symptoms don't fall into that gap! 

SO... What does it look like?


With a Telemedicine Visit, we can talk about your signs and symptoms, evaluate what is going on, and determine a course of action.

Treatment could be one of, or a combination of, the following:

.Chinese Herbal Formulation (can be mailed to you)

Functional and Therapeutic Supplements (mailed to you)


Stretches &/or Exercises


Dietary & Nutritional Recommendations


Acupressure or other Self-Care Prescriptions


Lifestyle Changes (IE Sleep Hygeine, Personal Care, Etc.)


Recommendation for In-Office Treatments


Referrals and Instructions for other Branches of Medicine

When Should I consider a Telehealth Visit?

The most important reasons for a telehealth visit right now is the prevention, treatment, and follow up on Respiratory Symptoms! 


Have a preventative appointment to discuss how you can help prevent yourself from getting ill. Treatment varies by individual but can include:

- Resolving current symptoms (so the immune system can focus on protection instead of focusing on your other symptoms)

- Immune Boosting Supplements and/or Herbs

- Self-Care and Lifestyle Suggestions


Make an appointment at the FIRST sign of cold or flu-like symptoms! Chinese Herbal Medicine and Functional Nutrition are rockstars at fighting upper respiratory (and deepper) infections - the earlier caught, the better! If we start treatment soon enough, we can often prevent the illness from going "full blown." Herbs and supplements can ease symptoms as well help to shorten the duration of the illness - so you can get better faster! (and more completely!) 


Instead of cancelling an in-person visit. Wake up with a sore throat on a day when you have acupuncture scheduled? Switch your appointment to a virtual one so that you can get the care you need to get better more quickly!


Follow up! If you aren't seeing the results we expect within the time we expect them (all described to you at your previous visit), then let us know! We may need to modify treatment. Also follow up as you are feeling better so we can evaluate any lingering symptoms and help prevent any ongoing or chronic symptoms. ​

Other uses and benefits of Telemedicine:

Bridge the gaps between sessions

Get quick answers and solutions to problems

 Follow-ups during periods of maintenance


Our robust online platforms help to bridge the support and motivation you need between sessions to make lasting transformations.


Set goals, track metrics, journal, and stay in contact with your practitioner.


Often times we have a great session, and we are excited to make changes, but then the days pass, the piece of paper with your notes and instructions disappear, and slowly, you lose track of what you wanted to do. Our virtual wellness platform was designed to keep you engaged, motivated, and excited to make the changes to be a healthier YOU.


Is it time for your maintenance appointment, but you feel too busy to make it to the office, or maybe you feel like you just don't need a treatment right now? Do a telehealth check-in - our practitioners know the right questions to ask to make sure something isn't creeping up on you - often times we can see what's coming before you even notice that something is wrong. Or we can congratulate you on being well, and push out your next visit even further! woo hoo! 


To continue our mission to offer affordable health care are sessions are telemedicine sessions are $40.00 for the next few months. Our regular price is $60.00. 


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