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This Food Delivery Subscription Service Changed our Lives!

My honest review of HungryRoot food and meal subscription service.

Bottom line: WE LOVE IT!!

I have tried dozens of these types of subscriptions services - every time a new one pops up in my feed, I check it out to see if it would benefit our family. They all SEEM great... but none of them quite fit the needs of our family.

We are BUSY....

BUT we want nutritious food, and we want it to TASTE GOOD.

We don't want to microwave everything....

But we also don't have time to cook every single meal...

and we don't want to completely break the bank...

and.... if we are spending all this money on the service, why are we still grocery shopping too? AND spending more money....

and.... how many times did we put off cooking a meal, only to have it go bad....

Well, hungryroot pretty much hit everything for us.

It's like a hybrid between a meal delivery service, an ingredient and recipe service, and a grocery service!

You get meals that you prepare, but they take 5-10 minutes.... They achieve this by having the protein portion (meat, or plant based) prepared already, so you just have to heat the part that would typically take the most time! So it's easy enough for my husband to whip it up for him and kiddo on nights that I am not home, and not so boring for me that I am happy to prepare one too!

You also can get breakfast and lunch items, snacks, sweets, and a variety of already prepared foods that you can simply reheat.

The meats and fish are sustainably sourced, grass fed, pastured, well loves, etc. etc.

Most other ingredients and products are organic!

And they accommodate food allergies and dietary restrictions...

AND.... because we need another and... You can customize your deliveries AS WELL AS you individual meal ingredients! Got a recipe that sounds great except for the fish? Change it out for chicken! Or Tofu! Don't want the gluten free soba noodles? Substitute rice, or quinoa....

It has been amazing.... we're eating better, more consistently, and absolutely loving it! (and so far, we have been SAVING money...)

Check it out!


As of when I wrote this, they have a promo code where you'll get $40 off your first order (and I'll get $40 off my next order too!) Follow this link to claim the deal:

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