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Acupuncture Effective For Post Cancer Fatigue

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

An important new study has just been released showing acupuncture to be effective at treating the debilitating fatigue that often afflicts women following treatment for breast cancer. This is a large study published in a well regarded oncology journal.

What I particularly like about this study is that there is no attempt a placebo control. I do not believe you can have a true placebo in an acupuncture study. I hope to write more on this topic in a future blog.


From the Study:

Results Two hundred forty-six of 302 patients randomly assigned provided complete data at 6 weeks. The difference in the mean General Fatigue score, between those who received the intervention and those who did not, was −3.11 (95% CI, −3.97 to −2.25; P < .001). The intervention also improved all other fatigue aspects measured by MFI, including Physical Fatigue and Mental Fatigue (acupuncture effect, −2.36 and −1.94, respectively; both at P < .001), anxiety and depression (acupuncture effect, −1.83 and −2.13, respectively; both at P < .001), and quality of life (Physical Well-Being effect, 3.30; Functional Well-Being effect, 3.57; both at P < .001; Emotional Well-Being effect, 1.93; P = .001; and Social Functioning Well-Being effect, 1.05; P < .05).

Conclusion Acupuncture is an effective intervention for managing the symptom of CRF and improving patients' quality of life.

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