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Sex Hormones, The Immune System, and Microbiota

Chinese medicine doctors often hear the same question from their wide eyed patients, “Why are we talking about my gut when I came in for problems with sexual function?

How can you explain, in a modern paradigm, why working on the gut is so essential for regulating hormonal balance? Well here's to smarty pants wizards FernandaPace, and Paula I.Watnick of Harvard Medical School who explain in this nifty article

“Sex steroids modulate intestinal inflammation."

"The intestinal microbiota is shaped by sex steroids."

"The intestinal microbiota alters circulating levels of sex steroids."

"Sex steroids impact bacterial physiology through direct interactions.”

There you have it.

This is why sometimes medications (or herbs/supplements) are sometimes necessary to help with gut problems and why gut problems can also help regulate disorders of sex hormones.

When people want help with sexy time. We think bellies first. Here is an image of a belly dancer to help cement this concept into your soul for eternity. You are welcome. :)

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