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Five Reasons You are Going to Love the New GoodMedizen

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

GoodMedizen is moving on October 1st 2013! After nearly a year-long search, I have secured the ideal location to grow into. This is a short move (just 1 block) into the Medical Dental Building at 509 Olive Way. Some of you may remember that this is the same building I started the practice in 2008 and was there until moving to our current location in January of 2010. The space holds to the zen philosophy of being modest, comfortable and understated. Those of you who have been seeing me in my current space will feel immediately at home, as we have incorporated many of the same design elements into the new space.

I have throughly enjoyed the time spent with Dr Paul Dompe and the crew at Elliot Bay Natural Medicine, and wish them continued success. It is for the reasons below, however, that I am particularly excited for October 1st.

1) More Availability: The whole reason for this move is to allow me to ease some of the scheduling crunches that have been occurring over the past year. It is frustrating for everyone involved when you need a treatment sooner but all that is available is later. In my current location, in the very best scenario, I was able to see about 30 patients a week and, on most days, only see one patient in any give time slot. At the new location I will have the opportunity to work with up to 20 patients a day. My new schedule, at least initially, will be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 7:30am – 6:00pm.

2) More Practitioners: I have assembled a team of acupuncturists, herbalists and massage practitioners to join me in this move. This means even if you are not able to get in with me, there will likely be someone available who can help you out with the back sprain or the stiff neck you suddenly woke up with. In total, there will be seven practitioners to work with. There will be someone available every day of the week, and on weekends. We are all licensed acupuncturists. Three of the practitioners are also massage therapist with training in various bodywork techniques including craniosacral and thai massage. Look for more info on each member of the GoodMedizen team soon!

3) Easy Access: No more fighting the busses and the rather rough crowd that fills third avenue. Parking for the new space will be provided in the Pacific Place shopping center. This is one of downtown Seattle’s nicest and most convenient parking facilities.

4) No Street Noise: Get ready for some deep, uninterrupted, acupuncture induced slumbers. The new location is located in such a way that there is no street noise. Zero, zip, nada. I am getting sleepy just thinking about how quiet it is in there.

5) More Ownership: This is your space. As my patients, friends and associates, you have all been instrumental in helping build GoodMedizen over the past five years. Up until now, GoodMedizen has been a visitor in someone else’s home. This space is ours. I welcome your feedback, criticism and ideas. I want to make this a place of respite and tranquility for everyone who visits, and I want your help in doing so. The mission of GoodMedizen is simple: To be a Place Where Patients and Practitioners Thrive. Thank you for your help in making that mission a reality.


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